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Join us on the next session of Inner Circle…

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How To Elevate Your Hemp Brand To 7 Figures and Beyond

March 22 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Do you want to elevate your hemp brand to 7-figures & beyond? Join us for a FREE mastermind training where you will learn from the TOP industry leaders 


1. Navigate ever-changing industry regulations

We will discuss the latest DEA letter regarding THC-O and more


2. Create a strategic marketing plan that gets results

Learn how to increase your average order value and customer lifetime value


3. Build a brand community

Find out how to create loyalists not just customers


4. Grow your success team and attract leaders of high integrity

Get the latest on how to attract and train top talent for a successful scale.


5. Q& A with industry leaders

Interact with top-level brand builders from the Inner Circle team.



Meet Your Host: Leah Lakstins

Leah Lakstins is a seasoned customer experience specialist with a passion for connecting educated consumers with verified brands. She is the founder of Hemp Business Builder and customer experience curator for Green Light Events Co. and Float On Boat Rentals.

Meet The Industry Leaders

Matt Ritchey: Inner Circle CEO, Founder & Head Of Membership

“We have collectively witnessed several high-profile lapses of integrity in the Cannabis industry over the last couple of years and it’s’ NOT okay.  This is where we earn our living and feed our family.  Most of all we feel called to represent a plant that has received no shortage of “artificially induced controversy” in the last several decades.

We believe that good people committed to doing good business must band together and bring balance to the industry as we negotiate the Wild West phase of this booming category.

At this time we are calling all industry builders, change-makers, and advocates to join our platform, get the knowledge, network with the best, and most importantly, get in on the conversation.”

Kyle Dammann: Inner Circle Co-Founder, COO, & Head Of Content

“Good content is the currency of the internet.  Brands and leaders who tell good stories AND put those stories in front of the right people are the brands that lead today’s economy, period. 

I joined Inner Circle to help good people with good products tell great stories because when we do that more sales and attention are a natural result. 

I got started online when the internet was young.  I had a thriving eBay store right out of high school (2002). Next, I built my first commercially successful website at the age of 22 (2006) and my life was forever changed.  I have since helped several brands become national leaders in their category and I want to help your idea, brand or business do the same. 

We are all doing business in a glass house these days and the people that you network with, partner with, and partake with will largely determine how successful your business or personal brand will become over the next five years.”


Erai Beckmann: Inner Circle Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

“Some have called my wife and me heroes for what we accomplished in Brazil, but it doesn’t feel that way.  We believe we did what anyone would do in our situation. We helped where we could. 

While I can’t say much about it right now, the full story will be told in my upcoming book, Legalizing A Nation. For now, you should join us and contribute your voice to our growing community of high-integrity industry leaders and service providers. 

*High integrity doesn’t mean perfect, it means that you strive to do your level best for yourself, as well as others.  We are all connected and that’s why we focus so much on personal growth and leadership as part of our weekly small-group masterminds that all members have access to.

Having personally led several product launches and startups in this industry, we are actively sharing, teaching, and networking in our vetted, uncensored digital platform and online community daily. 

In today’s hyper-connected virtual economy, business is no longer “just business” because we as humans are deeply emotionally tied to our work whether we like to admit it or not.  It’s a biological fact that if we don’t derive meaning and joy from our work, something is wrong, and our health and loved ones will ultimately suffer. At Inner Circle, we want to help all of our members find meaning, success, and purpose in this industry.”


March 22
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Matt Ritchey
Leah Lakstins