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Join us on the next session of Inner Circle…

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Introducing: Elevated Magazine - A Conscious Cannabis Culture Publication

On this edition’s cover is the magazine’s primary investor and Inner Circle founder Matt Ritchey.

The inaugural edition of Elevate magazine is now available to Inner Circle members. 

If you aren’t getting answers, ask better questions!

What does it mean to be a thriving and prosperous player in the cannabis industry?

What does it take to run a high integrity business in the space? 

Who can you trust in this industry? 

At Inner Circle, we prefer to lead by example. 

Elevated magazine was created to raise good questions perhaps more than it was made to provide answers. 

Elevated magazine was born out of a desire to help shape the culture of this industry and we hope you will join the narrative. 

On a business level, the Inner Circle community and Elevated Magazine were born to serve the cannabis industry and to help its leaders navigate the choppy waters of a booming industry that will remain in its “Wild West” phase for years to come.

What About the Ethics of Business and Psychedelics In General?

Since launching our platform, our members seem to be just as excited to discuss psilocybin and the menu of other previously vilified plant medicines. 

Even as we launch Inner Circle and the first edition of Elevated magazine, we are preparing for a broader version of our platform that includes conversation and support around the psychedelic and plant medicine industry as a whole.

Should Plants Be Marketed?

In some ways, these plants need no marketing and I think it’s important we consider that fact any time we mix psychedelics with business. They have been here far longer than any silly screen or computer we carry around, and they’ll likely be here long after. 

What is old becomes new again. 

Have you found your tribe? Your community? People you can trust?

Can We Transcend Competitive Economics?

At Inner Circle we believe we must work together in order to safely bring these plants to the people who will inevitably seek them out. 

We believe blind competition, secrecy, and too much hierarchy are the enemy of a healthy, thriving, and safe industry.  We believe in a conscious cannabis culture that is possible if we speak the truth and call out corruption and deception on the spot. 

Will You Help Us Nip Corruption In the Bud?

Building a business in a restricted industry is challenging, and sometimes it’s easier to find yourself in the “bad-guy” position than some people might realize.  Anyone who has run a business understands this dynamic.

Good intentions are not enough and you must know the rules of the game-board you are playing on because ignorance of the rules and laws will not excuse you from their consequences. 

Are You Ready to Trust in Your Ability as a Conscious and Powerful Creator?

When things go sideways, never ever hide, or attempt to cover things up.  Stand in your truth, and seek council with your community. 9 times out of 10 you’re going to be just fine if you take decisive and positive action. 

Ghosting is deadly to your career and your standing in society.

I know this, you know this, but why do we consistently hear how the industry is full of snakes, false prophets, and unethical players?

Inner Circle and thus Elevated magazine promises “no false prophets” because we screen everyone who speaks at our events, or shares on our platform to ensure you’re getting the latest and BEST information.

Welcome to the Age of the Digital Storyteller

What stories are being told about you and your brand online?  Do you have a say in the conversation?

Content is the currency of the internet.  Brands who create high-quality, cost-effective content and put it in front of the right market will win the lion’s share of business today, period. 

Elevated Magazine is about telling compelling stories about the people and brands who are making a positive impact. 

More than anything, Elevated magazine is an ambassador for our industry, and for our growing collective of thought leaders, scientists, and advocates.

Whoever you are, whatever your career, Elevated magazine, and the Inner Circle represent a chance to learn, network, grow and position yourself as an authentic and vetted thought leader in our growing industry.

Whether it’s your personal brand or your company’s brand, your digital content will determine your success to a large degree, so you might as well get with the best in the business. 

Inner Circle was founded by accomplished business owners, who have real-world experience growing real businesses inside and outside the Canna industry.

Elevated Has Organic Roots

When we started Inner Circle, we found ourselves becoming an epicenter for industry leaders who ended up telling us fascinating, valuable, and sometimes crazy stories about their time spent in this industry. 

The spring 2021 issue of Elevated primarily brings members up to speed with why and how we started Inner Circle, as well as a featured member’s section for good measure.

The next issue of Elevated comes out this fall.  At this point, we are looking for writers, editors, storytellers, brands, businesses, and leaders of all types to contribute.

If you want to be featured in an upcoming issue, grab your membership, navigate to the community forum and find the group called “Content Strategy” 

Should We Do a Limited Print Run?

Call me old-fashioned, but I love a great printed narrative, something I can put in my bag and take to the beach without worrying about sand getting in the charging port.

The inaugural issue of Elevated magazine is currently available for members only.  

Should we produce more than two of these per year?  

Should we keep them as a members-only benefit?

Get your membership today and let us know what you think in the community forum. 

Is Inner Circle Right For You?

At Inner Circle, Our Network Is Your Network.
Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, team builder, and automation expert. After a family member fell into a life-threatening addiction to prescription medication and his own experiences with plant medicine, he decided to dedicate his time and skills to legitimizing and accelerating the birth of the plant medicine industry. Kyle believes that access to nature’s pharmacy is a fundamental human right and that all adults should have safe, reliable access to these proven and safe compounds.

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