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Are You an Elevated Executive?

Now available exclusively to Inner Circle Members.

What does it take to be a category-leading brand, dynamic team leader, or executive in today’s world?

The founding members of Inner Circle are experienced team builders and have deployed team-building and leadership programs for brands like Facebook, Airbnb, Chopra Institute, and many category-leading companies you’ve never heard of.

Our elevated executive program has two options:

Team Program

Let us help you transform your team into an organized, streamlined goal-driven powerhouse with our Elevated Executive team program. It covers 90 days of transformative action including workshops, expert guidance, and aligned accountability. 

Upon receiving your application, we will send you a personalized feedback brief, program details, and pricing structure.

Private Individual Program

This program is ideal for individuals looking to uplevel their results and satisfaction in both life and career.

Most of us have learned how to do business in reactive work cultures that celebrate effort, disregard health, and put relationships last. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your current situation and you want to build a bridge to an exciting, rewarding, and nourishing future you should consider this program. 

It features a 90-day arch of support where we match you with up to three accomplished experts who have been where you are and will help you get to where you want to be.  You don’t have to sacrifice your health, integrity, or spirituality to accomplish great things in today’s world. 

The program balances proven and grounded wellness tools to supercharge your health while developing a new practical framework for how you will operate and generate revenue in the new paradigm of elevated businesses that very much want to hire elevated leaders, consultants, and executives.

While we cannot guarantee placement, we will make specialized referrals and new connections for program graduates.  This just might be the empowered up-level you’ve been looking for.

This program features more one-on-one time with experts than anything else we offer.  Many of our vetted experts in this program simply do not offer this level of access to anyone else at level period.

If you’d like to take advantage of this unique opportunity we look forward to hearing from you.

Upon receiving your application, we will send you a personalized feedback brief, program details, and pricing structure.