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Strategic Growth Mini-Courses

What Is A Mini-Course &How Can It Help My Business

If you are a leader, executive, or entrepreneur looking to learn exactly how we frame, fund, and fulfill record-breaking, category-leading brands in this space you can access our all-new “Frame Fund & Fulfill” mini-course here. 

It’s a bite-sized program that will give you a clear view of how to get the maximum value from your Inner Circle membership. 

Setting You & Your Team Up For Success

For members who demonstrate a willingness to invest in their knowledge via our mini-course, we are willing to help you get ready for growth and potentially fund your next growth phase.  

We are also willing to provide access to our vetted marketing and technology resources that we use to advertise, accept payments and scale online without the usual red tape and challenges that many in our industry are faced with. 

Inner Circle was founded by a team of experienced business developers. 

These are the same tools and blueprints we use to grow and operate our businesses on a daily basis.

Easy Way, Or Hard Way? Your choice. 🙂 

Action Steps:

1. Decide if you will attend the mini-course, or if you will send a team member through it.  The total watch time is 4 videos totaling 90 minutes. There are also several bonus videos depending on what growth path feels right for you and your team.  (This is an easy, cost-effective way to invest in your and your team’s professional education to inform your team about what keeps companies profitable, funded, and growing in today’s world.) 

Remember, leaders who invest time working ABOVE their business are more profitable and work fewer hours. Become an ELEVATED executive today.

FINALLY, STEP 2. Schedule time in your team’s calendar today, watch the videos, discuss the topics covered and attend the masterminds.  YOU WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Two Mini-Courses Currently Available (schedule time in your calendar each week)  

  • Frame, Fund & Fulfill Masterclass – 90 minutes of action-packed modern business, team building, and profitable growth wisdom.  Ideal for teams and entrepreneurs looking to grow a team. 
  • 7 Pillars Of a Modern, Scalable Business – Your whole systems stack for growing a brand without the typical stress, risk, and dependency of fast growth, funded startups. Ideal for leaders looking to get tactical, advertise, and automate in today’s world.