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Join us on the next session of Inner Circle…

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Terra XR (3 bottles)







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We’ll share with you the best products, info, and entertaining disclosure we can find. We’ll explore both sides. And make up our minds. 

We will experiment, research, and prove first, for you, our community member. 

We’ll only share products that we’ve researched the ingredients first ourselves, verified the quality and purity, and finally tried, and had a positive, game-changing experience. Then we’ll share them with you. 

We always wanted a proven resource we could trust and rely on. 

We wanted a community where we could verify and understand that they do the research so well. That everything they share would improve the quality of our lives. 

We couldn’t find one. So we created Conscious Vitality for ourselves and our own lives, and we’re grateful now to be able to share the experience with you — our fellow community members. Welcome to Conscious Vitality. You’re in the right place. We’re happy to have you. 

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