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erai beckmann

Are you sick and tired, and bored with the current lame-ass industry events and groups? Stale suits, bankers, and attorneys talking endlessly about regulation. I’ve been there and I found that most simply don’t care about you, or your results. What makes our community different is that we have produced tangible results in this industry at the highest levels of business and government. You already have good ideas, the willingness to work hard, and a love for this industry, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. Unless you know how to navigate the unique currents and tides that this industry faces, you can spend years, or decades treading water, or worse. Take advantage of our collective knowledge and advice today. All our members are vetted and the community will ALWAYS be private and uncensored.

Matt Ritchey

matt ritchey

When Erai shared his vision to serve the cannabis industry with everything he and his team had learned as pioneers in the space, joining him was an easy yes. As a long time medicinal cannabis user with a background in entrepreneurship, I began to realize that many in the industry were struggling to find their footing, something real to build upon. Many companies were here today, gone tomorrow, and there were usually a few scandals thrown in the mix to top things off. That is why we set out to create a community and resource center for genuine, people-first leaders to join forces, network, and tackle problems together. Our basic membership pricing is an outright no-brainer for the access it gives you, and members get exclusive access to leaders and insider information that you won’t find anywhere else.