Inner Circle Terms Of Membership & Service Are As Follows:

By making payment today, Consciously Elevated LLC, DBA and the payee agree to engage, uphold and adhere to the core member policies as follows:

Participation & Practice Of Four Pillars:  During the 12-month engagement, members agree to participate in membership, attend events and contribute their best ideas, services, and advocacy efforts toward advancing the plant-medicine industry. 

The chief aim of Inner Circle is to support leaders in creating profitable and productive organizations so that all people can legally and safely access the reliable botanical compounds provided via nature’s bountiful pharmacy in an informed manner. 

PILLAR 1 PROVEN LEADERSHIP – To promote innovation and share cutting-edge business practices from/with proven leaders and results producers. No false prophets or “hype-preneurs” are allowed.  Please help us keep the membership base clean and tidy by holding each other accountable. Please bring any ethical or legal concerns to Inner Circle leadership. 

PILLAR 2 CIRCULAR ECONOMY – To create and foster a circular economy where we build a community centered around having each other’s backs AND giving back. 

PILLAR 3 ACCOUNTABILITY & TRUST – It’s our mission to create a community of accountability, transparency & trust.  We encourage all members to utilize the industry “bad apple” blacklist and member arbitration tools as needed to ensure all members remain accountable and agreements made within the Inner Circle are productive and profitable. 

PILLAR 4 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOCUS – Prioritizing leadership education and personal growth. Weekly sessions are offered to facilitate the personal growth of our members and their organizations. It is recommended you attend as many in-person and virtual events as possible. 

All information,  trademark, and material accessed within Inner Circle are considered copyrighted and are the intellectual property of Inner Circle (Consciously Elevated LLC) and its partners.  Paying attribution and respecting creative rights is what modern democracy is built on. If you find information or materials you would like to use in your business, or a future business, please contact us to discuss partnership and licensing opportunities.  

By joining Inner Circle, you agree to keep all information (and the business that you conduct with fellow members) within relevant federal, state, and local laws. Inner Circle does not provide financial or legal advice. We provide access to a network of professionals and content for educational purposes only. 

By making a payment, you agree to hold Inner Circle, Consciously Elevated LLC, and its partners harmless and unaffiliated with any agreements you make with fellow members. This statement is non-negotiable unless otherwise expressly stated in a separate drafted and signed contract.

Professional Engagements:  Any professional, formal, or informal monetary engagements/transactions made as a result of a connection made within Inner Circle are the sole responsibility of the payer and payee. While Inner Circle members and partners may assist with business development, professional services, and arbitration related to disagreements and disputes, by agreeing to the membership terms, you agree to hold harmless Inner Circle Mastermind and Consciously Elevated LLC. 

Any money-back guarantees or refunds are reserved for members who attend at least one planning session or mastermind within the first 30 days of membership. This affords time for both parties to properly assess and gauge the mutual value of membership.

Inner Circle strives to act in good faith while providing value to you and our fellow members. If you are a member, applicant, or advocate and you have any questions, contact us at

Your 1-year membership starts when you complete payment via the secure checkout via the private link you were given after your application. Membership is good for 365 days from date of purchase.

Member renewal payments are not automated. Members desiring to remain in good standing should ensure renewal payments are made before membership lapses. 

Renewals can be made via your member dashboard and control panel. You can access this via the Login/Logout button, and the member dropdown in the main nav menu.

Renewal & Priority Placement In The Directory Is Not Guaranteed Because the network size is limited in both member count and available positions for each category, we cannot guarantee membership renewal if you violate the terms of membership, or you allow your membership to lapse.