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Why Are Masterminds So Effective?

Inner Circle members get access to weekly virtual masterminds and one in-person mastermind per month.

REGISTER EARLY: We keep the group size to under 20 leaders so that everyone who would like to, has a chance to ask, share or offer. 

To secure your spot, use the Events calendar to see what is coming up in the near future and register early to secure your seat. 

What is a Mastermind?

Professional masterminds have been around since at least 1925.  They work by acknowledging and harnessing the collective thought power of a group that is in harmony with one another to achieve bigger and better outcomes in life and business. 

The term is thought to be originally coined by industrial billionaire Andrew Carnegie and his apprentice Napoleon Hill in the book The Laws Of Success In 16 Lessons which later became the abridged hit sensation, Think & Grow Rich.

Whatever the history, members eagerly attend our weekly events because of the unique way they help us get clear, make strategic connections, and accelerate our progress.

Whatever the case may be, they work and they work powerfully if you are willing to keep an open mind and contribute what you know to the group. 

What about competition and people stealing my ideas?

This is a big misconception about economics in general.  At all times in all economies the best brands name their own price, create their own market share and have waiting lists for their product releases, or most valuable service packages. 

At the same time, average brands compete on price, fight for market share and struggle to keep their doors open.

Leading brands don’t compete, they specialize.  You and your team are unique and by definition should stand in a unique spot in the marketplace.

Sure, every brand has protected IP and processes, but you don’t need to share anything that you don’t want or need to. 

To secure your spot, use the Events calendar to see what is coming up in the near future