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Leveraging the Power of In-Person Connections for Business Success: A Night With Inner Circle’s Vetted Professionals

Networking In Los Angeles, Where New Media Schemes Are Incubated & Hatched

Inner Circle Members 2023 at SenovvA Studio 1401 in Los Angeles, CA

This week, the Inner Circle community had the pleasure of gathering at SenovvA Studio 1401 in the arts district of Los Angeles, CA, for a roundtable mastermind packed with plant medicine industry pioneers and leaders. At Inner Circle, we understand and regularly activate the power of in-person meetings, which was evident in the connections and conversations that took place throughout the evening.

Inner Circle member and executive producer Tim Kuglin and the rest of the SenovvA team have a storied legacy of producing and broadcasting content for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and now they have set their sights on the cannabis industry. This passion project represents an exciting business opportunity, and Tim’s knowledge of the media business is second to none. 

Tim and Marcus shared insights into how to build a successful cannabis media brand and discussed the challenges and opportunities he sees in this rapidly growing industry. Something that we can all relate to at Inner Circle.

Bringing Together Plant Medicine Professionals

Inner Circle members and guests began to fill the space around 7:00 PM and were warmly greeted with tours of the high-tech broadcasting facility. The possibilities for what could be created in that studio had everyone’s imaginations buzzing.

Inner Circle members touring SenovvA 1401 Studio in Los Angeles CA

Tim and his team demonstrated their expertise in creating high-quality content that engages audiences, showcasing the latest technology and equipment used in the industry.

Throughout the evening, members shared and discussed their goals and their “asks,” which is a regular feature of our in-person and virtual masterminds and is meant to provide a space to help members get clear on their goals or challenges. With so many diverse movers and shakers in the room, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with people who can help you solve a given problem.

The conversations were dynamic and thought-provoking, with attendees sharing ideas and experiences that sparked new insights and strategies.

Our Inner Circle membership base is largely made up of plant medicine entrepreneurs who are passionate about plants and advocacy. We are proud to feature vetted and skilled service professionals and experts that we all rely on to sell and provide these compounds to our communities.

Who Is In Your Corner?

One of the first things people learn when they enter the plant medicine industry is that there is a lot of bad (or simply outdated) advice out there when it comes to navigating this industry. After joining Inner Circle, our members report feeling refreshed and supported by a group of vetted professionals they can rely on for advice and professional services. 

Our network provides access to cutting-edge knowledge, expertise and resources, allowing members to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and innovations.

The evening in Lost Angles ended with Tim sharing his vision for the industry and how new media models can ensure our brands get the coverage and attention they deserve. If you ask me, the only thing standing between you and the thriving business that you want are the things you need to know about your industry.

As Tony Robbins likes to say, “The right plan can save you ten years, the wrong plan can cost you ten.”

The people who gathered at the Inner Circle roundtable mastermind were enriched in more ways than one. The power of in-person connections was evident, and it left everyone feeling inspired and energized. If you are not yet leveraging the power of in-person connection in your business, consider carefully choosing your locations and attending events with an open mind, ready to listen, listen and learn. 

Who knows, maybe you could be the next host of an event in your area! If you would like our support in bringing together a round table of plant medicine professionals in your area, check out, and let’s have a conversation about your business, vision and goals. 

Is Inner Circle Right For You?

Inner Circle members get personal access to the collective network of the people we rely on and do business with daily. At Inner Circle, our network is your network.
Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, team builder, and automation expert. After a family member fell into a life-threatening addiction to prescription medication and his own experiences with plant medicine, he decided to dedicate his time and skills to legitimizing and accelerating the birth of the plant medicine industry. Kyle believes that access to nature’s pharmacy is a fundamental human right and that all adults should have safe, reliable access to these proven and safe compounds.

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