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Meet the Inner Circle Team - Guided Tour Part 2 (We're Live!)

This is part two of the guided tour, here is part 1 in case you missed it.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the DNA of Inner Circle, who we are, and how our program fits into the Cannabis and CBD industry landscape. 

Erai Beckmann - Head of Strategy

Erai Beckmann has more direct business-building experience in our industry than almost anyone. He rode the ups and downs of the early years and hasn’t stopped since.  You can find Erai in our community forum, on weekly member video calls, and coaching businesses in our mastermind and business development program. 

Erai’s story in the industry starts like many, he was attracted by the health data and science, but discouraged by the lack of industry standards and stability.

Where Erai’s story deviates is that his first foray into CBD inadvertently led him on high-speed late-night road trips in exotic cars with multi-national entrepreneurs. The story gets crazier from there but the details are reserved for members-only content and an upcoming book.

What we can tell you is that Erai has been to the top and bottom of the industry.  As this medicine evolves from Schedule-1 to quasi-legal, to Fortune 500 funded national distribution, there are plenty of wild West stories being made and told daily.

At recent talks in Southern California, Erai has warned well-meaning industry newbies, stating:

“People need to be very very careful in who they deal with, and a well-funded project doesn’t always mean things are above board behind the scenes. This is something to be aware of, not afraid of.

“The industry is supporting more full-time professionals than ever before, from scientists to growers to graphic artists, and every professional service in between.”

Traveling with his wife and two daughters, Erai and his family travel frequently as they operate their businesses on the go.

Having spent many hours with Erai while forming the company messaging, most of Erai’s passion remains focused on developing strong industry businesses and brands.  He does this by drawing on his unique network of suppliers, marketers, advocates, and even government agencies around the world.

At Inner Circle, we believe the network is made stronger by having a diverse group of motivated professionals and advocates from all walks of the industry. 

Matt Ritchey - Head Of Membership

Matt is responsible for keeping our community clean and full of mission-driven like-minded leaders and businesses. 

Co-founder Matt Ritchey draws on a lifetime of family business as well as startup experience.  

His family put a small dent in the State of Pennsylvania back in the early 2000s when they launched a game-changer in the automotive industry.  He found himself as a young teenager working nights and weekends helping his family build a fast-growth business that now employs over 200 people. 

Matt had leadership thrust upon him at a young age, and this thread has carried him throughout his career as he coaches leaders and tends to his businesses inside and outside the industry.

To date, Matt has helped a couple of unicorns with their team development skills and he is eager to help our members benefit from his knowledge as well. 

Matt lives with his wife and daughter in Carlsbad California. 

Kyle Dammann - Head Of Content

Since I am the author of this article, I will speak in the first person.  🙂

I am in charge of ensuring the media and content that we create about our industry and our members are of the highest journalistic and industry standards.  Good stories and ideas are the currency of the internet

I got my start when the internet was young with a runaway e-commerce project that became far larger than I imagined.  I found myself managing million-dollar international deals in my early 20s, all because I had the foresight to build a small boutique website when others in my industry were building online “mega-stores.” 

Are You Willing to Zig While Others Zag? 

In today’s hyper-digital/social economy, every leading business must essentially become a content house simultaneously. 

As a growth strategist, I work with brands daily to help them create efficient and highly effective “content engines” that drive awareness, sales, and R.O.I

The member’s area will feature access to our collective knowledge and strategies as well as first access to events, conferences, and masterminds

Do You Have a Content Engine?

Whether you run a business or work for a business, if you aren’t producing content regularly for your target audience it would be wise to start now, or join a team that does. 

COVID has shifted consumer buying habits permanently (drastically for the next 3-5 years) and it has evolved the way we connect with our buying communities online. 

With the insane amounts of data and vertical control that digital marketing offers, the world’s most effective marketing has truly become about well-pixeled storytelling

Let’s tell inspiring stories about great brands and the people who run them. 

Kyle is a polymath and digital nomad originally from Pennsylvania. The last anyone saw him he was exploring the great plains. 

We Can’t Forget The Technical Talent

A big shout out to our admin, tech, and design teams, we couldn’t have done this without you.  Kyleigha, Tegan, Joel, Cindy, Victor, and anyone else who helped us along the way. Thank You!

If you are ready to join a different kind of community and network that is dedicated to making a difference, please consider joining us for a free seven-day trial.

In the next and final article of our guided tour, we explain in detail our program features, options, and upcoming events. 

Is Inner Circle Right For You?

Inner Circle members get personal access to the collective network of the people we rely on and do business with daily. At Inner Circle, our network is your network.
Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, team builder, and automation expert. After a family member fell into a life-threatening addiction to prescription medication and his own experiences with plant medicine, he decided to dedicate his time and skills to legitimizing and accelerating the birth of the plant medicine industry. Kyle believes that access to nature’s pharmacy is a fundamental human right and that all adults should have safe, reliable access to these proven and safe compounds.

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