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Join us on the next session of Inner Circle…

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Welcome to Inner Circle, The Cannabis & CBD Industry’s Premier Vetted Mastermind Network.

This short three-part series (10-minute read) is designed to give you a ten thousand-foot view of who we are, why our program should matter to you (if you are a Cannabis/CBD leader or advocate), and our mission to raise the standard for our industry

Inner Circle was founded in 2020 with the mission of providing high-quality direct support and networking opportunities to help businesses in the CBD/Cannabis space.  

What we saw wasn’t pretty!

After starting two businesses in the space over the last several years, we found it difficult to navigate the often choppy waters of our restricted and secretive industry.  

This is the same story we heard over and over again from other industry leaders and business owners, so we’ve set out to change that and we hope you will consider joining our mission. 

Do You Like Saving Time and Cutting Out the Bulls#!t?

We all like saving time, so let’s start by making sure you are in the right place. Depending on who you are and what you are looking for, here are our suggestions.

  • If you want to get in now to see what it’s all about, apply to join, here.
  • If you are a member of the press, or a curious Cannabis/CBD leader or advocate, this three-part series will give you the who/what/when with contact details at its conclusion.
  • If you like sifting through fake gurus, corporate pitches, and hype-driven startups, we probably aren’t for you. Click here to be redirected

How Inner Circle Came To Be and Who It Is Designed to Help

Inner Circle founder, wellness advocate, and entrepreneur Erai Beckmann was introduced to CBD by his friend James Radina in 2014. While skeptical at first, Erai was keyed into the small but impressive collection of medical and treatment data that existed at the time.  

Erai’s search was catalyzed after diving headlong into alternative wellness (after the serious illness of a close family member,) Erai had become confident that his friend was onto something.

Erai’s journey in the industry involves big-money players, criminal characters, and life-saving medicine.  A story Inner Circle Members get to see and hear before his book is released to the public.

“The last six years have been a whirlwind of product launches and white-knuckle adventures, and it’s time to share our story.” Erai expressed in ELEVATED magazine’s spring 2021 edition.  

Becoming Mr. Cannabis

If that wasn’t enough, Erai and his family helped spearhead the legalization of CBD for 190 million people in the nation of Brazil.  This experience garnered him the nickname Mr. Cannabis.

Most recently Erai and his business partner Matt Ritchey launched the first-ever CBD nootropic, Terra XR.  Despite the launch coinciding with a global pandemic, Terra XR has garnered a loyal following of performance optimization hackers throughout North America. 

The next article will introduce you to our team in more detail, but first, we want to share a warning regarding what we’ve personally experienced and learned after speaking with over five hundred leaders in the industry over the last two years. 

The Current State of the Industry and the Elephant in the Room

In 2019, after hosting several in-person Cannabis/CBD industry events between San Diego and Los Angeles, it became clear to Erai and Matt that there were a lot of people “feeling their way through the dark” and paying good money for outdated and often half-baked business and compliance advice.  

Not only that, we kept hearing the same thing over and over again. “Be careful, the industry is full of fast-talking sharks.” 

Most of you reading this know that the recent Med-Men and Ignite financial fiascos exemplified this at the expense of the goodwill and credit of many of you in our industry. 

“We wanted to create a different option for industry leaders and supporters above the usual corporate compliance and funding events that have become common in recent years.”

A Vetted Community For Passionate People

Our mission with Inner Circle is to create an unrestricted platform where industry innovators and supporters can connect, share knowledge, and receive vetted, high-level guidance from the best in our industry. 

Matt Ritchey is responsible for admissions and ensuring the network remains high integrity and focused on bringing genuine useful value to our members. 

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Inner Circle Members enjoy interactive access to LIVE weekly interviews with vetted industry innovators.  Members can also create a personalized profile in the member directory.

Most importantly, members have unlimited access to the community message board where members can share information freely. 

A detailed list of member benefits is provided in the third and final article of your guided tour.

In the next article, you can meet the crew who built the Inner Circle platform. 

What's Next?

It‘s our primary mission at Inner Circle to help our members stay on the leading edge of the industry, network with true professionals and to evolve collectively to become better leaders of our industry.

In other words, we are committed to providing members bleeding-edge business strategies, hands-on education, and unmatched networking opportunities

To learn more about the team and to schedule interviews and press opportunities with the founders, join us in the next article. 

Does your network have your back?

Meet The Inner Circle Team – Guided Tour Part 2

Is Inner Circle Right For You?

Inner Circle members get personal access to the collective network of the people we rely on and do business with daily. At Inner Circle, our network is your network.
Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann

Kyle Dammann is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, team builder, and automation expert. After a family member fell into a life-threatening addiction to prescription medication and his own experiences with plant medicine, he decided to dedicate his time and skills to legitimizing and accelerating the birth of the plant medicine industry. Kyle believes that access to nature’s pharmacy is a fundamental human right and that all adults should have safe, reliable access to these proven and safe compounds.

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