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Networking and Business Building: Inner Circle Heads to Austin Texas

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    Last week, Inner Circle hosted a mastermind event in Austin, Texas, which brought together old and new connections for a weekend of networking and business building. After years of dealing with half-baked advice and false prophets, there’s nothing better than showing up to an event filled with growth-hungry leaders.

    What Is An Inner Circle Mastermind?

    You can think of a mastermind event as an intimate gathering that allows growth-mindset individuals and change-makers to navigate plant medicine’s challenges together

    In many cases, our members have already solved many of the problems you are facing.

    No need to reinvent the wheel when your network is solid.

    Each mastermind is guided by a vetted Inner Circle member and focuses on bringing genuine value to our community without censorship or sugarcoating.

    Who Hosted the Austin Inner Circle Mastermind?

    Regarding our Austin event, we were blessed to have an industry pioneer lead the way. 

    The infamous Mr. Cannabis, also known as Erai Beckmann, and his wife Kyleigha Beckmann, just so happen to live in Texas and offered their beautiful home to the members of Inner Circle for a weekend of networking and business building.

    If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Cannabis and his right-hand woman Kyleigha, they’re not only the pioneers of cannabis and CBD legalization in Brazil but also Co-founders of Inner Circle.

    You can read more about their journey in the cannabis industry here.

    What Topics Did Inner Circle Discuss at the Austin Mastermind?

    The Austin mastermind event brought together twelve of us, and the conversations flowed like wine. I’d be remiss for not mentioning that we also had a surprise guest who brought gifts. Hello, freeze-bong!

    networking and business building

    Inner Circle members networking and business building at the Mastermind Event in Austin, Texas.

    Throughout the afternoon, we discussed the current market climate, the potential for cannabis legalization and decriminalization after the mid-term elections, and how we can become better leaders for our teams, both within and outside of Inner Circle. With 2023 right around the corner, it’s essential to focus on what slid through the cracks in 2022 and how we can make effective changes moving forward.

    This year, Congress failed to pass the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Act, which would provide financial access to plant medicine companies. These cornerstone topics make for the perfect mastermind content, as those who have been around for a while know just how important working together is when it comes to federal reform. If you want to learn more about accepting payments legally in a restricted industry, check out this article here.

    If there’s one thing we took away from this event (aside from some new knowledge)– it’s the creative energy in Texas. The Inner Circle team plans to return to the area in the spring of 2023

    Is Inner Circle Membership Right For You?

    Inner Circle is looking to connect and evolve with plant medicine entrepreneurs, change-makers, advocates, innovators, or anyone who’s trying to crack into the industry. Together, we can break the stigma around plant medicine and build a lasting community of elevated leaders.

    Inner Circle members get personal access to the collective network of the people we rely on and do business with daily. At Inner Circle, our network is your network.

    Matt Ritchey is the Co-Founder of Inner Circle and CEO of Mr. Cannabis, who is committed to bettering the cannabis industry through high-integrity leadership and better business building. He has worked with over 500 plant medicine leaders since 2012 and a track record of working with fast growth brands such as Airbnb and Facebook.

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