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Member Feature: Trinn Allen Gets Real About Healing, Self Care & His CBD Formulations

Jampha founder, Trinn Allen’s story is as serious as it is inspiring. 

Today we’re going to talk about how he entered the cannabis industry which I hope is a refreshing reminder to trust the healing process with perseverance in your own life. 

After tragically shattering both his ankles, while also struggling with ADHD, Trinn became addicted to painkillers and prescription medication (more on that later). That is, until he found cannabis, specifically hemp and CBD.

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The one thing I personally love about being in the cannabis industry is being able to meet beautiful people like Trinn. He leaned into his calling to help others with this plant after claiming it helped him. 

Once I jumped on the call for this interview, I could already feel a humble, attentive, and grateful spirit. Hearing the physical and emotional obstacles he faced and how he overcame them only validated that feeling.

Hitting a Low With a Flurry of Health Issues

Born on a military base in Tampa, Florida, and spending most of his childhood in Australia with Mormon parents, Trinn was told to avoid cannabis. But like most kids, curiosity is heightened when are told not to do something. And when Trinn tried cannabis, he noticed it actually helped him focus a little better. 

Not thinking much of it, he moved back to the US and started working in private security for a decade and a half, taking jobs everywhere from nightclubs to foreign royal princes and princesses. But then Trinn was assaulted and had 11 bones in his leg and ankle broken. The doctors said they couldn’t put it back together and advised to remove his leg in order to avoid having lifelong pain and problems. But his parents fought to keep it.

Over the course of 2-3 years, however, Trinn became addicted to painkillers and contemplated suicide. The clinicians only threw more pills at the symptoms and didn’t prioritize addressing the underlying problems that were amplifying the pain. The medical bills became so overwhelming that Trinn was forced to sell his security company and go on disability in order to keep up.

Precise and specific formulations are they key to unlocking CBD's full potential to treat a long list of ailments and imbalances in the body.

Coping With Cannabis

After a couple more years at rock bottom, Trinn, fed up, shouted into the sky, praying for another answer. “I don’t know what the deal is, but this can’t be any way to live my life. If there’s a way for me to get rid of these problems to heal, please show me the way. If you show me how to do it, I’ll show others.”

Just two weeks later, he found a job opening at a marijuana dispensary, though he was still hesitant. But being a believer in synchronicities, he noticed the phone number for the store was the same (without the prefix) as his security company and decided to follow where it would lead him. 

Sure enough, after working at the dispensary for a few months, an MRI detected a microadenoma on his pituitary gland. The doctors again suggested surgery, but Trinn wanted to find another way. That’s when one of his coworkers suggested an RSO, a Rick Simpson Oil, a cannabis concentrate intended to relieve cancer symptoms.

Three months with the RSO, the microadenoma disappeared. In disbelief, the doctors told him to get another scan at the original hospital, still nothing. They shrugged it off as a mistake. Trinn, on the other hand, is now a believer.

The problem with RSOs for Trinn was that he didn’t want the psychoactive high that made it difficult for him to be productive. So he found CBD, but that only worked a little bit, finding out later that the CBD brand he was using had issues with pesticides and heavy metals.

He became disillusioned once again, spending thousands of dollars and questioning why he was getting sicker from something that was supposed to make him better. Then came another synchronicity. 

His friend from Australia came to visit a few weeks later and after Trinn shared his whole story, his friend told him about their mutual friend with a CBD company in Texas. Trinn reached out to him and the Texas friend sent him 3 months of medications. With the new batch, Trinn was able to come off the 16 medications he was taking every day at the time.

The difference in the terpenes, the scent and flavor profiles in most plants that may prove a more significant role in isolating specific benefits that cannabis can have for the human body.

Trinn uses a military metaphor to describe terpenes:

"CBD is like the army. And you're fighting a war against inflammation in your body. THC is like your other military groups. The terpenes are really like the Special Forces. When you've got a specific mission, you got a bridge you gotta to get down, you got a special door you gotta get through, got some scuba diving to do, you send in the seals that have the right skill sets for those specific jobs. Because they're all professionals, they're all precisely trained, they know how to work together as a cohesive group. It's really the same with terpenes, when you put them in the right synergistic blend. By giving these special groups to people that have specific problems, you can isolate different inflammatory pathways to start working to remove inflammation.”

Noticing a gap in the CBD and hemp market utilizing the crucial element of terpenes, Trinn started the CBD company, Jampha.

Quality and purity are foundational components of Jampha formulations.

Calling on the Power of Terpenes

Trinn formulated and now sells an all organic, full-spectrum CBD product line to bring balance to the mind, body, and soul. The bio-technology company uses S.E.T’s (Synergy Enhanced Terpenes) to create tinctures that target a specific wellness issue or intention, from calmness and focus to relief and detox. They even have a pet product line as well.

Jampha prides itself with creating products with love, combining advanced plant knowledge, ayurveda, eastern medicine and western science expertise. They work with experts across various fields, including FDA food scientists, naturopaths, and biochemists with the common mission to create alternative ways of natural healing and finding balance.

Out of the generosity of his soul, Trinn actually sent me a few samples of Jampha after our interview when I mentioned I’ve been having issues with attentiveness myself. I used Jampha’s Focus tincture to help me with my meditation and it was one of the longer sessions I’ve been able to hold for myself.

Learn more about Trinn and Jampha at

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